Yorkshire Bank Contact Number – 0800 456 1247

Contact Yorkshire Bank on their freephone customer service number 0800 456 1247 for assistance with their mobile app, to set up telephone banking, or for enquiries about their accounts, loans and mortgages.


Customer Service Number – 0800 456 1247

You can call Yorkshire Bank on their freephone contact number 0800 456 1247 to register for telephone and internet banking. Alternatively, you may simply wish to use the 24-hour number to check your account balance, make a money transfer or to set up a standing order. On top of assisting with your balance enquiries, Yorkshire Bank can provide details of your transaction history, when any direct debits are set to clear or if you are approaching your overdraft limit. Similarly, if you need to change your security details in order to login to online banking then you should do so when speaking to a representative on the above number. Moreover, callers can receive technical assistance if they are unable to complete a transaction, or merely, login onto their mobile app. However, it is likely that you will be directed to a further phone line for specific queries about a Yorkshire Bank product. For instance, you may be directed to a specialist department to speak to an advisor about mortgages, credit cards and insurance products. However, you may wish to ask the Yorkshire Bank representative for the contact details of your nearest branch to speak to a mortgage and loan advisor in person.


Lost Cards – 0800 456 1247

You can also use the Yorkshire Bank freephone number 0800 456 1247 to report a lost or stolen card. Subsequently, you can request a replacement card to be sent to your registered postal address before receiving the necessary PIN code in a separate letter. If you fear that your card has been stolen, then you will also be able to place a block on your account and will be directed to the Yorkshire Bank fraud department to discuss any suspicious transactions.


Cost of Calling the Bank

The above Yorkshire Bank helpline runs a freephone number, making it entirely free to contact whether you are using a landline or mobile phone. Moreover, the Yorkshire Bank customer service line is available on a 24-hour basis, but may provide an automated service outside of typical working hours.


Yorkshire Bank – Useful Phone Numbers

Yorkshire Bank Department Contact Number
24-hour Customer Services 0800 456 1247
Lost and Stolen Cards 0800 456 1247
Lost and Stolen Cards (outside UK) +44 141 951 7315
Suspected Fraud 0800 456 1247
Credit Card Customer Services 0800 678 3320


Write to the Customer Relations Office

Alternatively, you may wish to make your enquiries in writing, or would simply prefer to send your complaints to the Yorkshire Bank customer assistance team at the following postal address: 1st Floor, Guildhall, 57 Queen Street, Glasgow, G1 3ER, United Kingdom.