Ulster Bank Contact Number: 0345 742 4365

Customers should phone Ulster Bank on their customer service telephone number 0345 742 4365 to contact a representative for assistance with everyday banking transactions or if you have any questions about your current account.

About Ulster Bank

Ulster Bank is one of Northern Ireland’s ‘Big Four’ banks, providing current accounts aside loans and mortgages to over 1.9 million clients across the UK and Ireland. Ulster was established in 1836 but acquired by the Westminster Bank in 1917 before becoming a part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group in 2000. Furthermore, the bank has over 200 branches while also operating over 1200 non-charging ATMs.

Ulster Bank Customer Services – 0345 742 4365

Contact Ulster Bank on their customer service telephone number 0345 742 4365 to discuss the details of your current account agreement or to upgrade to a premium banking service. Callers can ask for assistance for a range of everyday banking transactions such as making a bank transfer or setting up a direct debit. However, you should also contact Ulster for support regarding unexpected bank charges or if you have exceeded your overdraft limit.

Callers should also contact Ulster Bank for technical support for issues such as difficulty when logging into your online account or when you need to update any security details. Customers can also receive over the phone assistance when downloading the mobile app rather than relying on an Internet browser for online banking. You can also send money overseas but it is advised that you ask the Ulster Bank representative to detail the relevant international currency exchange rate before calculating the charge of making your transactions.

Loan Enquiries – 0800 046 6486

Contact Ulster Bank on their freephone number for loan enquiries 0800 046 6486 to discuss any application to the bank’s credit services. The representative will be able to calculate the total repayments for your intended credit depending on the amount you would like to borrow, the period you would like to do so and the applicable APR. Furthermore the Ulster Bank representative can provide telephone support when making a credit card application after determining your eligibility and preferred spending limit.

Home Insurance Helpline – 0800 051 1399

You may wish to discuss your household protection policy and can do so when calling the freephone Ulster Bank telephone number 0800 051 1399 before speaking to a representative. Callers should enquire about the cost of home cover once they have given the representative the relevant details that are needed to calculate your agreement. You can also contact Ulster for enquiries about making a claim following an accident or damage to your property if you have an existing policy. However if the bank has approved your claim request then you may also have to arrange a further meeting with a specialist advisor or even solicitor to assess the damage and calculate how much compensation that you are entitled to.


Call Costs and Contact Hours

The Ulster Bank customer service department operates a local 03 number meaning that callers will be charged the same standard geographical per-minute rate from UK mobiles and landline telephones. However both the loan and home insurance helplines use a freephone 0800 number that allows callers to get in touch completely free of charge.

You can contact an Ulster representative at any time, as the bank’s customer service helpline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, the loans enquiries service is restricted to the opening hours of 8.30am-8pm Monday to Friday. If you would like to make an enquiry relating to Ulster Bank home insurance then you can get in touch from 8am-9pm Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm Saturday, 10am-5pm Sunday.


Key Ulster Bank Contact Numbers

Ulster Bank Department Helpline UK Contact Number Opening Hours
New Ulster Bank Customers 0800 046 6486 8.30-8pm Monday to Friday
Anytime Telephone Banking General Enquiries 0345 742 4365 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Mobile Phone Banking 0345 366 7001 8am – 6pm Monday to Saturday
Credit Card Enquiries 0800 046 6486 8.30am – 8pm Monday to Friday
Loan Enquiries 0800 046 6486 8.30am-8pm Monday to Friday
Home Insurance Helpline 0800 051 1399 8am-9pm Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm Saturday, 10am-5pm Sunday
Existing Mortgage Queries 0345 300 6086 8.30am – 6pm Monday to Friday, 9am-12:30pm Saturday
Book an appointment at your Local Ulster Bank Branch 0800 046 6486 8.30am-8pm Monday to Friday
Mortgage Arrears 0345 301 6910 9am-6.30pm Monday to Thursday, 9am-6pm Friday, 9am-1pm Saturday


Alternative Contact Methods


Online Support Centre

If you are unable to get in touch with an Ulster Bank representative by telephone then you may be able receive the required support on the Ulster Bank Online Help Centre.

Ulster Bank Branch Locator

If you would prefer to speak to a bank representative in person then you can find the contact details and address of your nearest Ulster Bank when using the Online Branch Locator tool.