RBS Contact Number: 03457 24 24 24

Phone the Royal Bank of Scotland by dialling their UK customer service contact number 03457 24 24 24 for digital banking support, to apply for a credit card and to change the details on your business account.

The Royal Bank of Scotland is the largest bank in the northern-most country in the Great Britain by far, plus they have branches in the majority of major cities across the wider UK. You can call their general enquiries phone number 03457 24 24 24 for technical support when logging on to their online digital platform where you can transfer money through your current account. You can also phone this helpline to check if you are eligible to borrow funds in the form of a loan or a mortgage if you are purchasing a property. By contrast if you are in financial difficulties on a product you already have with RBS you should dial this number to book an appointment at your local branch to discuss your monetary options. Furthermore if you have taken out an insurance policy with RBS to protect your home, car or to cover medical costs when travelling abroad then you can phone their customer care help-desk to make a claim.


RBS credit cards – 0370 907 0010

Phone RBS to manage your credit card by calling their national contact number 0370 907 0010 to track an application, manage your monthly repayments and close your account once you have paid off any outstanding debts. Furthermore you should phone this helpline immediately if your card has been lost or stolen as criminals may be able to access your funds if they are aware of your PIN code. Similarly if your card has expired and they haven’t sent a replacement you can phone this number to track its location.


Business banking – 0345 600 2230

Contact the Royal Bank of Scotland by calling their business phone number 0345 600 2230 to manage your company accounts. For example if you would like to move to larger premises you can call their helpline to apply for an overdraft or loan to enable you to extend your company’s reach. You can also phone their specially-trained staff to add another cardholder on your business credit card and to change the nominated financial representatives who manage your funds.


Breakdown of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) phone numbers

RBS division Contact number
General enquiries for accounts registered in Scotland 03457 24 24 24
RBS enquiries for English accounts 0345 900 0400
RBS current accounts in Wales 0345 900 0300
Report a lost or stolen card if your account was registered in Scotland 0370 600 0459
Report a missing card in England or Wales 0800 056 4386
Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) credit cards 0370 907 0010
RBS business banking 0345 600 2230
Silver RBS MyRewards 0345 607 5154
Platinum RBS MyRewards 0345 609 0456
Black RBS MyRewards 0345 266 8801
Financial support line 0345 301 5432
Bereavement advice and support 0800 161 5903
RBS head office 0131 556 8555
Mortgage customer services 0800 056 0567
Apply for a RBS mortgage 0800 056 3220
Loan enquiries 0345 030 3216
Home insurance queries 0800 051 1450
Car insurance customer services 0800 158 2493
Take out a life insurance policy from RBS 0800 455 565