PayPal Contact Number: 0800 358 7911

Contact PayPal on their freephone customer service number 0800 358 7911 to ask how to use the online payments system as an alternative to a current account bank transfer, for help downloading their mobile app or to discuss the fees taken from any eBay sales.


UK Customer Services – 0800 358 7911

You should call PayPal on their freephone customer service contact number 0800 358 7911 to ask how to make an online payment in lieu of a bank transfer. Alternatively, you can contact PayPal to request technical support if you are unable to log into your account or pair your bank card with the service. Troubleshooting advice can also be given for customers who are having difficulties using the mobile app, whether they have forgotten their security details or would like to update their payment card. You can also contact the PayPal customer service team for help withdrawing funds from as well as depositing money to your current account. Alternatively, if a recent transaction has not appeared on your PayPal balance statement then you should ask a customer service representative whether your payment has gone through. Moreover, customers should contact PayPal customer services to ask how to increase their credit limit under the company’s ‘bill me later’ scheme. Alternatively, if you have purchased an item on eBay or any other online retailer that uses PayPal to process its payments but have not received your order, you can get in touch to ask how to claim refund on your account balance.


Call Costs and Opening Times

As PayPal uses a 0800 freephone number, their customer service team is entirely free to call when dialling from a UK landlines OR mobile phones. Furthermore, you can contact a member of the PayPal team during the opening hours of 8am-9pm Monday to Friday, 8am-9pm on Saturdays and 9am-9pm on Sundays.


Online Resolution Centre

Customers who would like to make a complaint about the conduct of an eBay seller or who would like to track the process of an ongoing dispute can do so online, using the their PayPal account details to login to the official Online Resolution Centre.