GoSkippy Contact Number: 0344 840 6302

Contact GoSkippy Insurance by calling their customer service phone number 0344 840 6302 for general enquiries about your car policy, where you can also get a quote for van, home and motorbike cover.

GoSkippy is an independent insurance broker operating in the UK which provides cover for motor vehicles as well as specialist home policies. You can call their customer care contact number 0344 840 6302 to get a quote for one of their car insurance policies, where you can also add a vehicle to your existing policy at preferential rates. Similarly if you are an existing policyholder you can phone this helpline to upgrade your motor cover by adding optional extras such as breakdown assistance, windscreen protection and fully-comprehensive insurance. If you are eligible to receive a no claims discount on your monthly premiums due to your previous safe driving record you should call this helpline for information on how you can continue to get your bonus. Finally if you are involved in an accident or your vehicle suffers a technical failure you should phone their friendly staff for advice on how to make a claim on your car insurance policy.

Calling GoSkippy Insurance on their UK contact number will cost you the same as making an equivalent call to an 01 or 02 phone, which means you will pay a per-minute fee as well as an access charge. Alternatively you can phone GoSkippy for free on this contact number provided you have free inclusive minutes in your mobile or landline tariff. You can phone them from 9am-8pm Monday-Thursday, 9am-7pm Friday and 9am-4pm Saturday therefore please note that they are closed on Sundays as well as UK bank holidays.


Van insurance – 0344 776 5308

Contact GoSkippy on their dedicated phone number 0344 776 5308 for enquiries about their van insurance policies, where you can get a quote for the protection of your commercial vehicle. They may also be able to offer preferential rates for certain industries such as couriers, professional tradesmen and the entertainment industry so you may call this helpline to find out if you are eligible for these discounts. You should also call this number if your van is involved in an accident in order to make a claim against the costs incurred to you and your business.


GoSkippy Insurance telephone numbers – all at once

GoSkippy division Contact number
GoSkippy car insurance – customer services 0344 840 6302
GoSkippy car insurance – make a claim 0344 840 9503
GoSkippy car insurance – renew your policy 0344 840 6301
GoSkippy car insurance – get a quote 0344 840 6300
GoSkippy car insurance – breakdown cover (policy underwritten by GoSkippy Rescue) 0844 324 5680 (7p/minute + network access charge)
GoSkippy car insurance – breakdown cover (policy underwritten by RAC) 0330 159 0452
Van insurance – general enquiries 0344 776 5308
Van insurance – claims 0344 840 9504
Van insurance – renew your policy 0344 776 5314
Van insurance – quotes 0344 776 5309
GoSkippy motorbike insurance – customer services 0344 776 5308
GoSkippy motorbike insurance – quotes 0344 776 5748
GoSkippy motorbike insurance – renewals 0344 776 5315
GoSkippy motorbike insurance – make a claim 0344 840 9505
Home insurance – customer services 0344 776 5311
Home insurance – get a quote 0344 776 5306
Make a complaint to GoSkippy 0344 776 5725